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Kent Marine

Kent Marine | Liquid R/O Right

Kent Marine | Liquid R/O Right

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Kent Marine Liquid R/O Right

Reclaims Natural Water Chemistry (GH) to Purified Water For Cichlid, Discus and Freshwater Aquariums

KENT MARINE LIQUID R/O RIGHT is an easy to use liquid formulation of dissolved solids and balanced electrolyte system that returns the natural water chemistry to reverse osmosis, distilled or de-ionized water.


Shake well before using. Add the appropriate amount (see chart below) of KENT Marine Liquid R/O Right to every 5 gallons of purified water.

Add during initial tank set-up and when performing water changes.

Use KENT Marine pH Stable to maintain water alkalinity or buffering capacity. Adjust aquarium pH with KENT Marine pH Control Minus or KENT Marine pH Control Plus as necessary.

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