Super Cichlids Retail Is Now Officially Open for Business!

Hello all!

On Sep 21 Super Cichlids Retail had our Grand Opening event.  We were extremely nervous if people would actually show up.  We did everything in our power to make Super Cichlids Retail a fish store we could be proud of.  Our friends and family volunteered to help.  From bagging fish to passing out raffle tickets to grilling amazing Hotdogs (Arnie I'm talking about you :) )  The turn out was amazing. So, I'm happy to report the Grand Opening was an amazing success! The response was overwhelming.  Lisa and I put everything we had both financially and emotionally into building out the store.  For those that showed up in person we thank you.  For those reading this now.. We also thank you for supporting us.  Without your support we couldn't have grown into the business we are now.  

We want to give a special thanks to both the Buck Country Aquarium Society and the Capital Cichlid Association for there support and belief in us.   Saying "Thank You' just doesn't seem enough to show our appreciation.  There are numerous other amazing clubs that helped us along the way such The Cichlid Club of York and the New England Cichlid Association along with the entire amazing group of clubs belonging to the NEC.  

We would also like to thanks some of the companies that donated to our Grand Opening Event.  

Northfin Fish Fish  -

Seachem -

Boyd Enterprises -

Aqueon -

Oase -

Fritz -

Hikari -

Thanks again,

Lisa and Martin

Super Cichlids 

1055 Barl Ct
Dover DE



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NECA wants to visit Super Cichlids in January 2020! What are your store hours on Saturdays? And is there any Saturday that is better suited for you guys?

Michael Liu

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