Dream Come True!!

Soooo this has been a lifelong dream of mine. When I did my senior show in college it was about owning and operating a fish store. And it’s about to happen! It’s going to be a lot of hard work and dedication but I feel this is going to work out beautifully. A huge thank you to my devoted husband for pulling this all together. Without him I could never accomplish this endeavor.❤️ Thank you to all our lovely customers and friends for your support! You are part of this too!

We are renovating the inside building to suit our needs so it’s going to take a bit to get it up and running but we can do it!

Click more to see the first walk through video!

  • Lisa Hoeber

Whats going on in Oct?

Hi Everyone,

This is just a quick blog post.  Our first really :)  We wanted to tell everyone that we'll be at the Aquatic Experience 2018 in New Jersey!  We'll have some the best fish foods on the Market (NorthFin, New Life Spectrum, Dr. Bassleer's, Cobalt) for sale along with some really really cool new products that haven't even been posted to the website yet!.  If you want us to bring something in particular please let us know by Oct 16th.

Super Cichlids 

  • Lisa Hoeber