Super Cichlids Retail Store Update (29 May 19)

Hi Everyone!

We had a bit of a set back with the fish tanks but we are now back on track and moving full speed ahead.  We have 80, 75 gallon tanks running and stocked with fish.  We cannot wait to lift the fish quarantine and allow sales starting the Jun 15th.

One thing that sets us apart from other aquarium stores is how we house our fish for sale. Each tank is its own entity so we do not spread disease and parasites. We do not recirculate the fish water from tank to tank, we run a drip system. Once we do a water change the water is gone for good. So you can feel comfortable knowing that the fish you bring home will be happy and healthy.

The fish at Super Cichlids are bred in-house and some fish are selectively brought in from quality sources. We feed a top shelf diet of premium foods like NorthFin, New Life Spectrum, Cobalt and Dr. Bassleer.  We also offer free samples with every fish purchase so you go home with food the fish are use to eating, making the transition easier on the fish.

And remember, if there is something you are looking for or would like us to bring in, please let us know!

Our address is:

Super Cichlids
1055 Barl Ct
Dover DE 19901
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