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Dainichi | Discus FX

Dainichi | Discus FX

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Dainichi Discus FX

Pellet Size - 1mm

Type - Sinking

Dainichi Discus FX is a premium tropical fish food specifically formulated for discus fish. Made with a combination of marine and vegetable proteins, this food provides a balanced and highly assimilable diet for discus fish of all varieties. Enriched with color enhancers, spirulina, krill, and calcium montmorillonite clay, Discus FX is designed to promote healthy growth, vibrant coloration, and maximum digestion. The revolutionary nutritional coating containing essential vitamins, garlic, and digestive enzymes further enhances the nutritional value of this food. Made with all-natural, protein-rich, and meticulously refined ingredients, Discus FX is the perfect choice for discus fish hobbyists looking for a high-quality and healthy food for their fish.


White fish meal, wheat flour, Antarctic krill meal, spirulina algae, wheat germ, kelp, pea protein, Brewers dried yeast, montmorillonite clay, gum acacia, copepod meal, astaxanthin, garlic, calcium carbonate, proteas, beta glucan and vitamins and minerals.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein Min. 41% Crude Fat Min. 5% Crude Fiber Max. 4% Moisture Max. 9% Ash Max. 9% Calcium Min. 2% Phosphorus Min. 0.7%

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