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Fritz | Catappa Tea Bags

Fritz | Catappa Tea Bags

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Fritz Catappa Tea Bags

Bring the power of nature to your aquarium with Fritz Catappa Tea Bags. These powerful bags are packed with the benefits of Catappa leaves, making it easier than ever to create a thriving blackwater biotope aquarium. As an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent, Catappa Tea Bags will protect your fish and fish eggs from infections and slow or eliminate algae growth.

Catappa Tea Bags provide shade and a nourishing environment for your fish, shrimp, and fry. The tannins released from these bags also lower pH levels, control pest snail populations, enhance coloration, and increase spawning behavior, creating a more natural and vibrant ecosystem. Plus, the added convenience of a bagged package means you can enjoy all the benefits of Catappa leaves without the mess.

Bring your aquarium to life with Fritz Catappa Tea Bags.

Directions & Dosage

Recommended application: Use one bag per 10 gallons (38 L). Add directly to aquarium or filter. Replace monthly or as desired, when tissue is decomposed.

  • No equipment restrictions necessary
  • No contraindications: can be used with all of our other products and meds
  • Tannic acid can lower pH, monitor pH with a test kit during use and limit any change to 0.2 pH units per day if livestock are present
  • Safe for invertebrates
  • Overdosed? Observe livestock for distress, perform small water changes if needed

Please note: For Aquarium Use Only! This product is NOT for human consumption.

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