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Hikari | Freeze-Dried Daphnia

Hikari | Freeze-Dried Daphnia

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Freeze-Dried Daphnia - Loose - .42 oz

Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze-Dried Daphnia are an excellent diet to utilize during and after medicating, and as a treat for tetras, smaller freshwater or marine fishes, invertebrates, and corals. Made using pharmaceutical freeze-drying techniques, this product is as close to fresh as humanly possible and has a texture and taste not previously available in freeze-dried food. This daphnia is multi-vitamin rich to reduce stress and stress related diseases, and is nitrogen charged to reduce oxidation prior to opening. Once opened, oxygen absorbers reduce oxidation, which means less waste and lower cost per feeding. Freeze-Dried Daphnia have a patented ratcheting dispenser top which keeps the product fresh, allows you to dispense the right amount of food, and therefore eliminates over-feeding and water clouding. In addition, they are free of parasites and harmful bacteria.

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