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New Life Spectrum

New Life Spectrum Float Regular Pellet

New Life Spectrum Float Regular Pellet

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New Life Spectrum Float Regular Pellet

Pellet Size 1mm - 1.5mm

The New Life Spectrum® line of positively buoyant floating pellets. The regular size pellets provide the nutrient density and water stability of a pellet while being an ideal substitute for flakes. For larger surface-feeding fish, New Life Spectrum® FLOAT is a nutrient-dense diet. A majority of FLOAT pellets will stay at the surface for the duration of a feeding cycle.


Whole Krill (Euphausia superba) 18%
Whole Squid(Dosidicus gigas) 16%
Whole Wheat Flour12%
Whole Fish (Brevoortia tyrannus) 10%
Ulva Seaweed 7%
Chlorella Seaweed 5%
Wakame Seaweed 4%
Kelp 4%
Garlic 4%
Ginger 3%
Astaxanthin 3%
Spirulina 3%
Omega3 Fish Oil 3%
Marigold 2.5%
Capsanthin 2%
Zeaxanthin 2%
Euchema cottonii 2%
Spinosum Seaweed1%
Chondrus crispus 1%
Bentonite Clay 1%
Mineral Supplement .25%
Multivitamin Supplement  .25%

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: Minimum 37%
Crude Fat: Minimum 8%, Maximum 9%
Crude Fiber: Maximum 7%
Ash: Maximum 10%
Moisture: 10%
Ash not dissolved in HCL: Maximum 3%
Calcium:  Maximum 2%, Minimum 1%
Phosphorus: Maximum 1%, Minimum 0.7%
NaCl: Maximum 2%
Cellulose: Maximum 2%
Metabolic Energy: Minimum 2500 Kcal/kg
Zinc: Minimum 30mg/kg
Manganese: Minimum 10mg/kg
A Vitamin: 10000 IU/kg
D3 Vitamin: 3500 IU/kg
B2 Vitamin: Minimum 100mg/kg
B12 Vitamin: Minimum 0,045 mg/kg
E Vitamin: Minimum 400 mg/kg
K3 Vitamin: 300 mg/kg
Ascorbic Acid (Stable Vitamin C) 600 IU/kg
Sodium: Maximum 1% Minimum 0,8%

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