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New Life Spectrum

New Life Spectrum Medium Pellet Size

New Life Spectrum Medium Pellet Size

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New Life Spectrum Medium Pellet Size

Pellet Size: Sinking 1mm

Give your fish the nutrition they need to thrive and look great with the New Life Spectrum Medium Fish 2mm Sinking Pellet Fish Food. This color-enhancing formula provides easy-to-digest nutrients that actually boost the colors of your freshwater or marine fish. It’s made with whole krill and squid as the top ingredients, plus spirulina, seaweed, whole fish, and much more, with no soy, fillers, or hormone additives. These ingredients have been carefully chosen to pack maximum nutrition and even boost the immune system to prevent parasites. Plus, the USA-made pellets will stay in the water for hours without disintegrating to keep pollution levels low for a healthier aquarium.

Key Benefits
  • Packed with nutrients from real squid and krill as the top ingredients and formulated in bigger pellets for medium size fish.
  • Provides essential nutrients to enhance color and boosts the immune system to prevent parasites.
  • Pellets sink slowly and take a longer time to disperse so your fish have time to eat them without clouding your aquarium.
  • Contains no soybean, hormone additives or artificial color enhancers, only whole ingredients like fish, seaweed, spirulina, and vitamins and minerals.
  • The USA-made formula is great for marine and freshwater species, and is designed to be fed twice a day for best results.
Whole Krill (Euphausia superba)--------------------- 32%
Whole Fish (Clupea harengus)------------------------ 18%
Whole Wheat Flour--------------------------------------10%
Ulva Seaweed-----------------------------------------------6%
Chlorella Algae---------------------------------------------6%
Beta Carotene----------------------------------------------5%
Scallops (Argopecten purpuratus)----------------------3%
Omega-3 Fish Oil------------------------------------------3%
Wakame Seaweed---------------------------------------- .5%
Spinosum Seaweed--------------------------------------- .5%
Mineral Supplement------------------------------------- .5%
Multivitamin Supplement------------------------------ .5%
Crude Protein: Minimum 36%
Crude Fat: Minimum 5%, Maximum 9%
Crude Fiber: Maximum 5%
Ash: Maximum 9%
Moisture: 10%
Ash not dissolved in HCL: Maximum 4%
Calcium:  Maximum 2%, Minimum 1%
Phosphorus: Maximum 1%, Minimum 0.7%
NaCl: Maximum 2%
Cellulose: Maximum 2%
Metabolic Energy: Minimum 2500 Kcal/kg
Zinc: Minimum 30mg/kg
Manganese: Minimum 10mg/kg
A Vitamin: 8000 IU/kg
D3 Vitamin: 2500 IU/kg
B2 Vitamin: Minimum 100mg/kg
B12 Vitamin: Minimum 0,045 mg/kg
E Vitamin: Minimum 200 mg/kg
K3 Vitamin: 300 mg/kg
Stable C Vitamin: 200 mg/kg
Sodium: Maximum 1% Minimum 0,8%

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