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Poth-O-Carry Plus

Poth-O-Carry Plus

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Poth-O-Carry Plus

Introducing the Poth-O-Carry® Plus, the ultimate accessory for your aquarium. This ingeniously designed product is built to comfortably cradle Pothos or any other similar plants atop your aquarium. Its unique design allows the plant's base to rest lightly in the tank water, drawing in the nutrient-rich environment your fish create. This allows your plant to not only survive but truly flourish!

This remarkable product boasts a removable faceplate and larger holding tubes for easy swapping of root-rich plants. Its versatility extends to the Poth-O-Carry® Plus: Rail Edition, a variant designed for aquariums with lower water levels, perfect for vivariums, and capable of reaching deep into any tank.

In return for the rich nutrients, your plant actively absorbs excess nitrate, reducing the need for frequent water changes. This creates a symbiotic relationship that is a definite win-win. But the benefits don't end there. Pothos is known for its ability to filter airborne toxins, enhancing the air quality in your home.

Our Poth-O-Carry® Plus is versatile, accommodating various plants including lucky bamboo, spider plants, orchids, and more. If a plant thrives in an aquaponic environment and fits down the tube, it's in! We also offer the Poth-O-Carry® Sweet, specifically designed for sweet potatoes, for an unusual yet beneficial twist.

Holding up to 4 x .75" diameter plant stalks, the Poth-O-Carry® Plus showcases your plants, promotes impressive root growth, and clips inside the tank using gravity as a stabilizer. With the Poth-O-Carry® Plus, you're not just getting an aquarium accessory, but a holistic solution for a healthier, cleaner living environment. How cool is that?


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