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Poth-O-Carry® Versa

Poth-O-Carry® Versa

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Poth-O-Carry® Verse

Presenting the Poth-O-Carry® Versa, your go-to solution for hosting peace lilies, Bamboo, Monstera, and other plants with distinct water depth needs. With its adjustable cube-basket, it provides the perfect home for your plants, catering to their specific requirements while adding a splash of color to the top of your tank.

The Poth-O-Carry® Versa redefines convenience - dip the roots in and let your plants thrive without ever needing to water them. It's an ideal solution for those whose fish tend to nibble on leaves, as this design keeps the foliage above water.

Whether your plants prefer their roots fully submerged or partially exposed, the Poth-O-Carry® Versa is your answer. It can adjust to sit a half-inch above the tank rim or drop to 3.5" below, offering a vast range of depth options. The cube-basket measures 3.5" on each side, featuring breathing and root holes on the left, right, and bottom sides for optimal plant health.

The standard model supports tank rims up to 1.5", while the rimless option caters to rimless tanks up to 0.5" thick. With Poth-O-Carry® Versa, you're not just getting an aquarium accessory; you're investing in a tailored environment for your beloved plants to flourish. Experience the versatility of Poth-O-Carry® Versa today!

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