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Seachem | Alert Combo Pack 1 Year

Seachem | Alert Combo Pack 1 Year

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  • Easy-to-use, color-changing sensor for two aquarium parameters
  • Continuously monitors aquarium pH & ammonia levels for a year!
  • Effortless aquarium monitoring - no strips to dip or chemicals to mix

Enjoy effortless pH and ammonia monitoring for peace of mind at about a dollar a month! Seachem One Year Combo Alert offers an extremely sensibly priced way to monitor two vital aquarium water parameters. Simply place Ammonia Alert and pH Alert in a visible location in your aquarium. Clear and unobtrusive devices won't detract from the view of your aquarium. Combo pack includes one-year supply of Seachem Ammonia Alert and Seachem pH Alert.

Ammonia Alert changes reversibly from yellow to green to blue, relative to the ammonia concentration, detecting levels less than 0.05 mg/L (ppm) of free ammonia. Ammonia Alert measures just 1.5" x 2.5". For marine or freshwater aquarium use.

pH Alert monitors pH continuously and changes color reversibly to alert you to shifts in pH levels between 5.4 and 8.0. pH Alert measures just 1.5" x 2.5". For freshwater aquarium use only.

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