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Shrimp Envy

Shrimp Envy | Baby Envy

Shrimp Envy | Baby Envy

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Shrimp Envy Baby Envy

Elevate the nurturing of your shrimplets with "Baby Envy," the ultimate nutrition solution specifically crafted for the youngest members of your shrimp family. Recognizing the delicate nature of shrimplets and the challenges they present, "Baby Envy" is formulated with a keen focus on their growth and well-being, offering a blend of 100% natural, organic ingredients that are both irresistible and beneficial.

"Baby Envy" is a fusion of nature's finest, including mulberry, nettle, dandelion, moringa, kale, spinach, spirulina, chlorella, and wheatgrass. It is enriched with alfalfa, kelp, and bee pollen, along with the robust health benefits of black walnut and other cherished ingredients known to captivate shrimp. To support the critical growth phase, we've enhanced this blend with pea protein, beta-glucan, calcium, montmorillonite, amino acids, chitosan, trace minerals, yeast, and probiotics, ensuring a well-rounded diet that promotes healthy development.

Understanding the importance of precise feeding, each pouch of "Baby Envy" comes equipped with a double-sided scoop, making feeding not just effortless but also perfectly portioned to prevent overfeeding and ensure the cleanliness and balance of your tank's ecosystem.

"Baby Envy" stands as an essential foundation for shrimplets, particularly those of species known for their rearing complexities. By starting them on the finest possible diet, you set the stage for vibrant growth and vitality.

Feeding "Baby Envy" is straightforward: one scoop every other day in the presence of babies, with adjustments for tanks boasting a higher population, ensuring every shrimplet receives its share of this nutritious feast.

Each package of "Baby Envy" weighs 35 grams and is backed by a Guaranteed Analysis promising 33.24% protein, 1.45% fat, 5.33% fiber, and 23.35% ash (minerals), underscoring the nutrient-rich composition designed for the thriving of your shrimplets.

For optimal preservation, store "Baby Envy" in a cool, dry place, securely away from children and pets. With "Baby Envy," you're not just feeding; you're fostering a generation of healthy, robust shrimp right from the start.

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