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Shrimp Envy

Shrimp Envy | Bee Pollen

Shrimp Envy | Bee Pollen

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Shrimp Envy Bell Pollen

Introducing our premium "Organic Bee Pollen" supplement, an all-natural powerhouse of nutrition for your shrimp. This meticulously sourced bee pollen is not just food; it's a holistic supplement that enriches your shrimp's diet with an impressive array of amino acids, organic compounds, and enzymes crucial for their overall health, vigorous growth, and enhanced breeding potential.

Our "Organic Bee Pollen" stands out for its rich composition, boasting over 250 valuable organic compounds alongside a wealth of essential nutrients such as calcium for robust shell development, potassium for overall physiological balance, and vitamin A for healthy growth and reproduction. This makes it an unparalleled supplement, especially for breeding shrimp, providing the nutritional support they need to thrive and reproduce successfully.

Understanding the dietary needs of both adult shrimp and delicate shrimplets, our bee pollen is thoughtfully prepared in a blend of granules and powder. This ensures that every member of your shrimp colony, regardless of size, can access and benefit from this superfood, making it a versatile addition to your feeding regimen.

Feeding "Organic Bee Pollen" is effortless yet requires a mindful approach to avoid overfeeding. Before each use, a gentle shake of the bag is recommended to evenly distribute the powder and granules, ensuring a balanced mix. A modest pinch of bee pollen 1-2 times a week suffices as a supplementary feed, providing a significant nutritional boost without the risk of overfeeding.

Each package contains 50 grams of this nutrient-rich supplement, offering a long-lasting supply of health-promoting benefits for your aquatic family. To preserve the freshness and potency of "Organic Bee Pollen," store it in a cool, dry place, safely away from children and pets. By incorporating "Organic Bee Pollen" into your feeding routine, you're not just feeding your shrimp; you're investing in their health, longevity, and reproductive success, ensuring they lead a vibrant and fruitful life in your care.

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