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Shrimp Envy

Shrimp Envy | Complete Envy

Shrimp Envy | Complete Envy

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Shrimp Envy Complete

Introducing "Shrimp Envy Complete" – the ultimate feast for your cherished shrimp. Crafted with an unparalleled commitment to quality and nutrition, this complete shrimp food is a symphony of 100% natural, organic ingredients, meticulously selected to cater to the discerning palate of your aquatic companions.

Dive into a rich tapestry of flavors and nutrients with our wholesome blend that includes the leafy goodness of mulberry, stinging nettle, dandelion, moringa, kale, spinach, and the potent algae duo of spirulina and chlorella. The nutrient-rich bee pollen, kelp, alfalfa, wheatgrass, and pea protein offer a robust foundation, while aloe vera, beetroot, black walnut, and blackberry add a burst of vitality. Enhanced with essential nutrients and minerals like beta-glucan, calcium, montmorillonite, amino acids, trace minerals, chitin, yeast, and probiotics, "Shrimp Envy Complete" ensures your shrimp not only thrive but flourish.

Designed with convenience in mind, our pellet food is easily crumbled, allowing precise control over portion sizes, ensuring swift sinking and equitable distribution throughout the tank. This promotes communal feeding and minimizes waste. Remember, if remnants linger beyond 3-4 hours, it's a nudge to adjust the portion or feeding frequency for the well-being of your aquatic haven.

Feeding "Shrimp Envy Complete" is effortless yet impactful. A small pellet suffices for a throng of 30-40 shrimp, encouraging feasting every alternate day. Tailor the pellet size for a feast that your shrimp can relish in a few hours, ensuring the tank remains pristine by removing any uneaten morsels promptly.

Proudly presenting a Guaranteed Analysis that boasts 28.94% protein, 2.17% fat, 8.36% fiber, and 16.32% ash (minerals), affirming the nutritional richness of our offering. Embrace the unique charm of our handmade, small-batch production, where slight variations in color, texture, and size epitomize the bespoke nature of "Shrimp Envy Complete."

Store this culinary delight in a cool, dry sanctuary, far from the curious reach of children and pets, ensuring the enduring freshness and efficacy of "Shrimp Envy Complete" – where every pellet is a testament to your dedication to the thriving vitality of your shrimp.

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