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Shrimp Envy

Shrimp Envy | Growth Envy

Shrimp Envy | Growth Envy

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Shrimp Envy Growth Envy

Introducing "Growth Envy," a meticulously formulated shrimp food designed to support the robust growth of your shrimp with a focus on plant-based proteins. Recognizing the dietary preferences and health requirements of shrimp, "Growth Envy" offers a nutritious blend that mirrors their natural diet, avoiding the potential pitfalls associated with meat-based proteins.

"Growth Envy" is a rich compilation of high-quality, protein-packed plant sources, ensuring your shrimp receive the vital nutrients necessary for optimal growth. The careful selection of ingredients aims to promote healthy development while safeguarding against the risks of overfeeding, particularly the molting issues that can arise from an excessively protein-rich diet.

This pellet food is crafted for ease of use, allowing you to precisely control feeding quantities. The pellets are designed to sink at a moderated pace, ensuring equitable distribution among your shrimp. Should you notice remnants after 3-4 hours, it's a clear indicator to adjust the feeding volume or frequency to maintain the health and cleanliness of your tank.

Feeding "Growth Envy" is straightforward, yet it requires mindfulness due to its potent formulation. A guideline of 1-2 pellets once a week or bi-weekly is recommended to prevent overfeeding and its associated risks. Any uneaten food should be promptly removed after 3-4 hours to preserve the tank's environment.

Each package of "Growth Envy" contains 35 grams of this specialized food, with a Guaranteed Analysis highlighting its nutritional profile: 44.94% protein, 1.34% fat, 5.44% fiber, and 11.85% ash (minerals), making it an ideal choice for shrimp in need of a protein boost.

Handmade in small batches, "Growth Envy" may exhibit slight variations in color, texture, and pellet size, each serving as a testament to its artisanal quality. To ensure its longevity and effectiveness, store "Growth Envy" in a cool, dry place, safely away from children and pets. With "Growth Envy," you're not just feeding your shrimp; you're investing in their healthy growth and vitality.

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