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Super Cichlids

Premium Freeze Dried Blackworms | Super Cichlids

Premium Freeze Dried Blackworms | Super Cichlids

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Super Cichlids Freeze Dried Blackworms 


All Natural - No Additives

Color Boost - Blackworms with Astaxanthin 

Spirulina Boost - Blackworms with Spirulina

Power Boost Mix - An amazing mixture of all three Blackworm varieties - Pure, Color, and Spirulina

Farm-Fresh Quality: Sourced from controlled conditions using pure spring water and specialized feeds, Aquarem blackworms are frozen and freeze-dried, with no preservatives added. 

High Protein Content: Boost your fish's health and color with this excellent food source, suitable for both freshwater and marine fish.

Easy Feeding: No rehydration needed! Just press a cube onto your aquarium's glass. Your fish will love nibbling and ripping individual blackworms. Feed at day's end and combine with other feeds.

Storage Made Simple: Keep the worms in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. The bag contains a food-grade oxygen absorber (Do Not Consume) to ensure freshness.

Indulge your aquatic pets with this protein-packed feast. Freeze Dried Blackworms – they'll make a splash at mealtime! 🐠🍴


Black Worms

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein 66%
Fat 13%
Fiber 0.2%
Ash 5%


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